Announcing International Weed Out Hate Day – April 3rd, 2015


Fifty years after Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama, people from all over the country will be marching over Edmund Pettus Bridge once again to remember this tragic event which sparked the nation into a heightened degree of consciousness. Although we have made a lot of progress since that time, there still remain all too many weeds seeds of racism embedded in our society. Daimyo Jackson, known as the world’s preeminent Michael Jackson artist, and Marc Daniels, Campaign Chairman of the Weed Out Hate Initiative, will be springing a big idea into life among the crowds—International Weed Out Hate Day, April 3rd, 2015.

Cultivate. Educate. Advocate.

The Weed Out Hate Initiative is a global campaign dedicated to teaching our children to symbolically root out hate, while planting seeds of peace, love and respect. Symbolically weeding out hate is a lesson that can be taught at all levels, within the family, schools, churches, mosques, and synagogues, nationally, and even globally. This is the greatest opportunity to break the cycle of hatred. Just imagine the possibilities of a White House-sponsored Weed Out Hate Mega Event! The magic of the Weed out Hate Initiative lies in the way it inspires parents and grandparents to teach children to root out weeds with a spiritual intention, and how it energizes the children into a new dimension of civic engagement. If you’re a believer, consider e-mailing the President today!

Weed Out Hate

Forty five years after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his prophetic "Mountain Top" Speech to the nation, much of his "Promised Land" Vision has come to fruition. Unfortunately, there are still persistent weed seeds of hate that remain embedded in our collective consciousness, hindering our success as individuals and as a society. Just as weeds compete for nutrients and water that cultivated garden plants require, our inner weed seeds, the germs of hate, prevent our children from experiencing the deepest root-connections to nature. With the right intention, removing weeds from our yards and gardens can serve as a paradigm for eradicating the inner bullying instincts that many of our children harbor and too often suppress. Freed from all of this negativity, spirits will bloom, enabling children everywhere to sow the seeds of peace. Planting sunflowers is a marvelous symbolic gesture for participating in the completion of Dr. King's great Dream and Vision.

Sow the Seeds of Peace

Social inclusion is not only a question of morality or ethic, it is a spiritual imperative. Just as flowers that will be flourishing in our gardens later this spring, each with unique root structure, our individual religious and cultural roots are destined to tap down to the source, the source that gives us sustenance. Here, our roots will re-unite. Weeding, fertilizing, watering the garden with the right intention are wonderful symbolic methods for facilitating this process. Weeding out and composting HATRED enriches our inner garden. Still there are some impediments that cannot be recycled back to nature immediately such as the stones in the garden bed. We must pick these stones and set them aside. This is much the same way we should deal with unfeeling stony heart hatred.

Let Freedom Ring

Dr. King once stated that “With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.” When one begins to illuminate this stone, one discovers that this is a metaphorical stony heart, an egoistic shell, that protects us from harm and pain, but also acts to detaches us. Weed Out Hate gives us a powerful method to transform this stone of hope, our collective stony heart, into rich fertile substrate. Just imagine the possibilities…if children from all over the world would each extract a symbolic weed of hatred and replenish it with a seed of peace! Together, we would cultivate our Promised Land vision for bearing the ultimate fruit that connects with God, Nature, and each other. We would treat each other as we would like to be treated, rooting out hate and evil and planting love and respect in our hearts and in our gardens. Then, we could experience the ultimate blossoms of freedom. Let us weed out hate. Let us sow seeds of peace. And let freedom ring....

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