Announcing International Weed Out Hate Day – April 3rd, 2015


Such a serious problem; such a natural solution

We want to help you get the most out of your gardening experience, by helping you nurture your spirit as well as the plants in your garden. In the same manner that we compost plant waste into rich fertile substrate, we offer tips for rooting out and composting our inner weeds, into spiritual substrate. Freed from these limitations, our spirits, like our flowers can shout out a garden jubilee. This process begins at home and school by encouraging our kids of different ethnicities and religions--to grasp onto and root out weeds of hatred--together.

Dâimyo Jackson, the world’s most famous living Michael Jackson Action Show Entertainer, has teamed up with us for making this spiritual fitness regimen as easy and as much fun as child’s play. Through his musical gardening swing, he helps us connect with the spirits of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, for weeding out hate and sowing the seeds of love.

During a normal year, school children may learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, once or perhaps twice a year. The objective of “weed out hate” is to have kids relate to his principles every time a weed pops up. Through This repetition, rooting out acculturated racism, anti-Semitism or any form of prejudice becomes second nature.

Just as with any other diet, there is no getting around it. You need the right food. Dâimyo’s Gardening Swing Music CD and our Social Inclusion Classroom Peace Seeds, are now available in our Garden Jubilee Shop at affordable prices.”

We Appreciate Your Donation

To donate, please Contact Us for details (donate@weedouthate.org).

King-Code Music Clip

Weed Out Hate Music Clip



Support Our Cause…Purchase T-Shirts and Other Weed Out Hate Accessories Here

Add an extra dimension to your community outreach and service projects by integrating Weed Out Hate Initiative accessories into your social action program.

In coming months we plan to offer T-Shirts, balloons, bumper stickers, weeding tools, wild flower seeds and more.

To register your interest in purchasing such items please Contact Us for details (donate@weedouthate.org).

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