For Prize Winning Rose Bushes, Feed as You Water at the Deepest Roots

As the eldest grandson, of Ross Daniels, the inventor of the Ross Root Feeder, feeding as you water, was one of the earliest lessons I learned in life. My grandfather played a significant role, nurturing my spirit in my early years. After I graduated college, I went to work in the family business under the careful tutelage of my father Richard and my Uncle Jay. My grandmother, Ethel Daniels, was very active in the company. She handled public relations and established very important relationships with garden writers and editors all over the country. One of her favorite plants was the rose bush. Throughout my fifteen year tenure at Ross Daniels, Inc., I networked and established longlasting relationships with garden centers all over the country.

Although the Root Feeder company has not been in family hands since 1989, I still maintain very close ties with the current owners, Easy Gardener Products of Waco, TX. I believe that rooting feeding is firming embedded within me, and a piece of my spirit exists in every Ross Root Feeder still being sold. In my first book, "Der Himmelsgarten" (Allegria Verlag Berlin 2011), I discussed the synergy between rooting feeding trees and shrubs and society as follows:

"Penetrating its way through the root matrix of the surface weed layer, this tool trains a tree to tap its roots at the deepest levels. It irrigates and aerates the soil and facilitates the regeneration of fauna and flora. Through this process, one develops a very special connection with nature and begins to build upon one’s own inner tree. This is when humankind would begin to understand and accept a spiritual justification for weeds: We should all develop an urge to extract them, as a symbol for acknowledging and removing our own inner weed seeds of hate embedded within our consciousness. For every physical branch, there exists a spiritual root. That means:

Whoever, metaphorically speaking, inserts the root feeder, past the weed seeds of egoism, deep into the substrate of human desire, taps into Nature's Source, strong enough to weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace."

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