Kindergardening is the best pre-emergent against the weeds of hate

Gardening habits are best acquired at a young age. When it comes confronting prejudice, an ounce of pre-emergent Weed Out Hate prevention is worth a ton of weed blight intensive care. According to journalist Ulrich Sahm, a respected member of the International Press Corps in Israel, and one who reports on the complex ramifications of hatred on a daily basis, “…so many events symbolize the weeds from seeds of hatred: 9/11, the reaction to the Danish cartoons in the Muslim world, and more recently the 'suspended' plans by Pastor Terry Jones to burn the Koran at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida. Weed-out-Hate is an optimal pre-emergent treatment for immunizing children and society.”

Just because you may not notice embedded weed seeds of hate today, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist and won’t spring up, under the right conditions, tomorrow. Unfortunately, all too often, such race or economic class hatred metastasizes in the public schools resulting in violence and even worse, school shootings. History has taught us that candle lighting ceremonies do not work. We must get our kids to trade in their dysfunctional gang colors for Weed Out Hate team jerseys. And you can make a difference.

It’s the difference between rooting out weeds and promoting lifelong habits of weeding out hate.

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