Kindergardening connects children at the deepest roots

It is universally accepted that individually and collectively gardening helps condition people for life long nurturing and bonding habits. Very often the limitations for plants are water, weeds that compete for water, insects and disease. At an early age, learning to implant one’s gardening intention by removing such restrictions can effectively remove the weeds of prejudice and bias. Once this botanical tension is relieved, we are able to experience the positive forces of nature for the very first time.

The kindergardening concept was created in in Germany by Pedagogue Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel in the 19th century as a means to an ends—a method for exercising a child’s spirit as well as the mind and body. Most of us are unaware that the word kindergarten means kindergardening and not just pre-school with recess. The Weed Out Hate Initiative works because it provides needed exercise for our children. Additionally, it enables them to root out weeds throughout the school landscape, and, in the process, teaches a valuable lesson about weeding out bias and prejudice.

It’s the difference between rooting out weeds and promoting lifelong habits of weeding out hate.

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